★EmpireCrew is recruiting for PS3!★

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Hey guys, EmpireC Malzo here. EmpireCrew is now recruiting for PS3. We only have three members as of right now;

EmpireC_Malzo: Leader/Founder and Editor

EmpireC_Lingro: Co-Leader

EmpireC_Pride: Player (On Timeout)

We are a all around clan meaning we do not only snipe, but also use assault rifles and trickshot.

And we need all the help we can get. Below this is a list of requirements to be in the clan.

We have a youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/theempirecrew

It is currently under construction.

You MUST have the following:

1.) HD PVR or any HD recording device  (ex. Elgato)

2.) A microphone/headset

3.) A PC/Laptop

4.) MW3/Black Ops 2

5.) A .900  K/D Ratio or Above

Please message DalenyyHD if you are interested

Good luck and have fun sniping!

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