Elite Clan for grown folks needs recruits (xbox 360)

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We're an oder group (mostly 30's) and we play pretty much daily.  We might not be as fast as we used to but we try to offset that with strategy and brains.  We're competitive and plan on entering as many clan ops as possible, but it's all about having a good time.  We're certainly not above talking sh*t especially if we're losing, but we do it for the comedy.  If you do something stupid, expect to get clowned.  We don't have a minimum k/d but we're not looking for casual gamers either.  This shouldn't be your first fps, and you should be playing to improve your skills.  Also, no children allowed.  Pretty much if you can't legally drink (yeah we drink) please look elsewhere.  For the clan to earn xp you must be enrolled in elite and have upgraded to a premium account.  We prefer founders, but won't turn you away just because you aren't.

If you're interested send me your xbox live gamertag (through xbox live, pm, or post it up here) and I will send an invite.  The clan name is Dept of Death, written just as you see it.  My gamertag is Irb Digital.  Hit us up!


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