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We’re honored with your ELITE demand as we’re experiencing peak traffic at this time.  Please check back at a different time of day for a greater chance of getting back into the fight and follow @callofdutyelite on Twitter for live status updates.

Been like this for last 2 days since they so called fixed it?

Plus do I have to log in to my elite account to activate dbl xp as I haven`t had any yet?

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it says, that once you activate your account by logging in all you have to do is play one match on the MP and you'll recieve your dblxp.

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i've been having fewer problems with it, still can't create a clan but just about everything else seems functional

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I've had the same problem except a little more luck. I logged in, but got that message when i tried going to COD elite. I wanted the Title and Emblem more than the 2XP....... I wish they would fix it....

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