Did i Get Banned?

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i was playing Cod last night normally and this morning when i tried to sign back on i recived this message The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/mw3/status for updates. did i get banned for somthing? i never have Boosted, never did prestige token glitch, never got out of maps (online), ect... i play the game fairly i was really looking forword to prestiging today as i was 1 or 2 matches away from prestige 8. any info on this?

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If you haven't done anything wrong then i doubt you'v been banned. Try again later, it should work.

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ok its just really anoying that my friends are all on playing and i can't get on :/ and to prove i don't cheat you can look at my stats and past games https://elite.callofduty.com/career/ps3/6f279ed909e1234cf60f5c197e28eda2abd55d7b281159cc#/playercard...

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There is something wrong with your connection, try again or google a fix for it. When I started CoD 4, I needed to change my connection likewise with MW3.

This happens to me sometimes, don't panic it's just a connection issue. You're going to have to find out what's wrong though if the first option I said doesn't work.

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Maybe you pissed off the Easter Bunny.

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im having the same problem. i just wait and get on later and play blop or mw2 while im waiting

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try resetting or rebooting your router that may help but if you reboot besure to leave it unplugged from the mains socket for about 10 mins so it can re boot properly ..

if this dont work check your nat types you may have to portforward your router which info can be found at


all the best

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I get that on occasion. I have dsl with AT&T and I  have to unplug and replug  the router at least twice a week. Then I can get right on.

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