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Custom Classes redirects to Elite home

I apologize for making yet another post about this, but when I try to reply to one of the existing threads, I get "An error occurred while trying to submit your post. Please try again." I decided to try making a NEW thread to see if I could post at all...

I registered on the Xbox on November 15th, if I recall. However I didn't log into the site until the 17th. Using several different OSes and web browsers yields no improvement.

I've tried:

Win XP: IE and Firefox

Win 7: IE and Firefox

Ubuntu 10.04: Firefox and Chrome

Android: Firefox and internal browser

All give the same results; I can access most of the site resources (leaderboard, recent matches, challenges, etc), but any link that tries to descend into /ops2/classes/ or /connect/ redirects to the home page.

Interestingly enough, the Elite app for Android does let me view and modify custom classes.

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Re: Custom Classes redirects to Elite home

in reply to tomatogoatee

i am having an identical problem, thinking about it, i first accessed the elit site 2 days after black ops 2 online as well... what could this mean? also, the app works for me too, but the classes dont save. i understand this is a mw3 question but ive got the same problem with a different game.

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