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I just cleared game data utility once again. Next I cleared the cache and cookies as instructed. Then I went to multiplayer and at this point there was this 1.12 update. After this I continued to store - via multiplayer and downloaded 1&2 and 3 DLC's and then moved to April Collection 1 where I first downloaded the key and then the black box, black ice and negotiator.

=> I can now see black box, black ice and negotiator in SpecOps but in multiplayer - just black box and the older DLC maps. Black ice and negotiator are still missing from multiplayer. In multiplayer there's also the info about the new maps/collection 1 and e.g. private match side there's info that I don't have all the maps.

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Can you please confirm that you see the following maps in multiplayer;




Black Box

Those are the only maps that should be visible in multiplayer.  The other two pieces of DLC (Black Ice and Negoitator) are specifically Spec Ops missions and will only appear in Spec Ops.

Please confirm exactly what content you see and where you are seeing it.

Thank you for your continued patience while we work to solve this for you.

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From Collection1, I have always seen the black box in multiplayer. Now I can also see the negotiator and black ice in SO. The older DLC maps are all visible in multiplayer. So it seems I have now access to all the new maps.

Previously, when there's been the green text telling that there's new maps available via store, it has been indicating that you don't have them yet. Also, after downloading them maps the green info text disappears - since you just downloaded the new maps. So this green info text about the new available maps has been clear indicator that there is some new maps available which you dont yet have. This is the way how it's been since every cod. I'd suggest that you go back to this - when new maps has been downloaded, remove the green info text. It just confuses people and they are wondering "what new maps? Didn't I just get them all?"

Perhaps you could also describe _clearly_ on the download section which are multiplayer maps and which are SO maps. This would prevent unnecessary guessing...

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