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How about bright ideas that flat out fail.  With typical lag I have trouble getting the 18 kills I need for my max kill support killstreaks.  Then I remembered I used to get 20-30 assists in every game.  So I made a class with recon pro (paint the suckers for the assist), hardline pro (every 2 assists is a kill), an assault rifle with a grenade launcher, a frag grenade, 2 concussion grenades, a stinger for those oh so handy flying kills, and put a recon drone in my killstreak package.

So what went wrong?  I got so obsessed with tossing nades around I was getting killed all over the effin place.  Actually, I'm not 100% sure that's what went wrong.  All I know for sure is with that class I get half the kills I usually get and maybe twice the assists.  Used to be I got my escort airdrop (18 kills) about half the time.  With my new class I'm lucky to get my recon drone (10 kills?).


So, what was your bright idea that crashed and burned?

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I always run hardline except for my rush class then its assassin.  I run blindeye so if im out of stingers i can shoot airsupport down fairly easy.  Pro version.   Marksman for most my class just tap trigger long distance with acr silenced and extended mags.  A hit marker from distance might get assist.  That helps cause i usually run support. Me running around with shotgun fails evertime

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