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I just noticed that the all lowercase thing on my name was fixed (still no spaces though).  Thanks mods/admin...

cover-firefry wrote:

Well I just tried that and managed to link the new account to my old one somehow, right now I'm not even signed in as cover-firefry but my posts still show up as that....

I just logged into my other account to see what name shows up when I post... Stand by.

EDIT: Nope, my accounts are still linked.

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BTW I just noticed my post count and avatar were reset when my username was semi-fixed. *puzzled*

Also it wouldn't let me edit my last post again.

EDIT: WTF? now I'm back to all lowercase name!!!

I think I'll stick to the Blops forums until they smooth out the bugs on this one.

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Anyone find a way how to do this yet? I've been noticing alot of people with capitalized names lately...........

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There's no option to do it on our end - it'd have to be done by site admins. I doubt that they'll be taking username change requests though as people tend to change their mind quite often and the requests can stack up. I'll see if I can find out more for you though.

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Yes do so before i kill myself, i want out of this messy name

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Yes do so before i myself in Blops2, i want out of this messy name

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ok guys, not sure if this is the right place to ask,so my apologies if so, i see gamertags mentioned, ok i am thinking about closing down one of my old accounts,however all map packs i downloaded for COD2  are on the one i wish to shut down, i have a new account which i would prefer to use now, do i lose all these, at this time i am in the process of using the xbox 360 hard drive transfer cable to move all my stuff from my old xbox to my newer console, the 250 gig black one. any info regarding this would be very helpful as people keep telling different things, it will, it wont.  



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ive been told you cant change your name on here thats why im stuck with this crap

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I changed my Gamertag on Monday and it didn't change it on my Elite profile so what I did was I unlinked my Xbox account with the Elite account and then linked it back up again and there I had new GT was on my Elite Summary page and when ever I post on my clan. The only other issue I have now is that I can't change my forummnow, alhtough I have used the Elite chatroom to ask about this and I was told 24-48 hours I should be bale to do this.

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Unfortunately, once a community name has been created, it cannot be changed. This is also true for the email that was used to register for the site. You must register again using a new email to change your community name and it must be unique because there are many users.

Regards, ^JH

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