Can you please remove the ricochet from HC modes? Please!!!!!!!

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The game did not start out like this. Since BO2 has released and many have moved on to that, some of us haven't. If you can implement ricochet half way through, surely you can change it. Please. just change it to, 2 kills and they get kicked. Making all HC game modes ricochet is not the way to do it. I suffered though it during the game's season. Thats over, can you please remove it now.

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Whilst i agree with what your saying, i see no other way to stop a$$holes at the start of each round firing their SMAW at the ground and taking out 4 or 5 team mates,or team mates stealing care packages. Regrettable that ricohet was introduced,but something had to be done.

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Yeah the Richochet is anoying.  I understand that there trying to fix the problem but they need to come up with something better but for now why not just use the 2 kill thing like you metioned but at least 3 kills for accidents.  I'm not mad just something needs to be done.  On Black Ops II they took Richochet off and now it's if you kill someone 5 times you get kicked which is better but needs to be less. 

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