Can we get more PC dedicated server details ?

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And me being the nr.1 in here.

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Robert Bowling said this about dedicated servers, and thats all thats really known about them.

MavrAnger What more info did you need on dedi support for PC? Day 1 w/ server browser and public server files. Set up your own and control.!/fourzerotwo/status/115828921232134144


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He doesn't like to talk, does he ?

Max players ?

Quick private hosting ?  Like in earlier CoD's

Will OUR servers be ranked or always unranked ?

Linux ?

Server Updates ?

Modtools ?

Radiant ???

etc. etc.

Just a little bit more than 402 wants to answer......

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Max players - up to the server host/providor.

Quick private hosting - LAN? If that's what you mean, then yes, it's in.

Ranked/Unranked - Pretty sure all servers w/o mods will be ranked.

Linux - you play with that?

Server Updates - Up to the server providor.

Mod tools - has nothing to do with server details. But yes, they're talking about it.

Radiant - STILL nothing to do with server details.

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