Can we expect Modtools / Radiant ?

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kirbaaaay wrote:

I wouldn't be surprised if they released it with mod tools or not.

Yes, if there's one thing that's certain it is most definitely that they will either release them, or they won't. 

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I've learned one thing, don't expect anything. Wait to see what happens and until it happens it's not for sure.



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we can expect them, doesnt mean we will get them tho

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They can't give us Mod Tools, If they did then no one would spend money on DLC which brings in alot of money.

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i think dlc and mod tools can work together, only thing it would split the pc community into sections of haves and have nots.. just like stock v mods really only it would be stock v dlc v mods,  it would be a BOOST to give all choices to server admins xD

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Modtools, maybe. Radiant, no freaking chance.

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i think your right ,but never say never xd

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