Call of duty MW3 Player looking for a active clan (PS3) K/D : 2.71 Over 81000 kills / 61% win ratio

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Im looking for a very active clan for MW3 that plays MW3 only. I tried black ops 2 and it freaking sucked. I've been playing all possible Call of duty games so far. The next game that i will move on is MW 4 when it comes out some day.Im looking a clan that does matches inside a clan and vs other clans. My Psn ID: maramuna (check for stats).

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If you are a Ps3 Mw3 player you can try out my clan? We have 6 members so far and it is very fun to play with us all haha . We do play for fun but we are all quite good at the game and we do enjoy a little competition here and there. If you are interested send me a PSN message (Stealthydeath5). We have a website, a facebook page, and we all have microphones. Let me know if you are interested

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Join Team Envyus

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