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I've an idea to share with you guys, don't know if you are going to like it or not.

Please have a look here at this image -

So the basic idea of this app is - you can play SND or anytype of game mode with a strategy. You choose any map and game mode, select friends and assign their task and send the game plan to them. When your friends see the strategy they know the gameplan and winning the match will be much easier.

Let me show you an example here -

I'm using the MW3 Strategy application, and now I'm in office working, I play MW3 a lot and also have a lot friends who play the game. So I took my iPad and selct my friends and make a SND strategy and send it to them. Now I'm back at home and started playing the game, I know every step of my friends, where they will go and so they know it all, so everytime a team mate dies in action other will know exactly where they died and go there and kill the enemy, I know MW3 already shows a skull icon where a friendly died but ti's hard to find . Anyways the features of this app are - According to my theory and design (again not sure if you are going to like it or not)---


1. Add friends via Facebook

2. Select Friends and assign task for them. (Hate begin a leader, well I don't want a noob to design the gameplan )

3. Set the TIME when you play the game next time or now, so people could know when you are playing or will be playing. (example - you have 20 friends but ofcourse not everyone can play in a same team or at same time, we all have our daily works to do , so you can play the game from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, you add this game play time in the app, so friends also have updated their time in the app, so when you make a strategy you can see who are playing at the time when you will be playing and send the game plan to them )

4. You select a friend, assign the path where he should go and do what, like defending, capturing of camping. (Ofcourse you can't dictate the gameplay of any other player, but if you own a clan and your friends have the passion to play every MW3 match like a pro, that's it, you can even tell them which class to use when he play).

5. Yes Class, you can also tell which weapons and perk other player should use. (Is this too much, nope, if all of the teammates playing with rifels and pistols, there's an enemy chopper or AC130 could come and kill most of the people, you can always hide under a roof but that would be loss of gameplay time, so if any friend using blindeye and stinger he can shoot those enemy vehicles. other example - a friend have sitrep perk, he can notify other people where a claymore is)

6. Well you are not great gameplanner , no worries, friends don't like your gameplan, they can vote up or vote down, also they can give you a feedback and ask for a change in the gameplan. You can restrict or enable game plan changes, it's like giving permission to othere players if they can edit the gameplan or not.

There's also few more features but I can't explain everything here.

THE OTHER SIDE EFFECTS OF THIS APP (According to my theory)--

1. You may have to face quarrel with friends.

2. You may feel this boring casue you know everything in the game and there's only few maps so when you make a gameplan on a map, that gameplan could work for a long time. Unless you want to change it everytime.

And many more


I think this app would be too much useful when multi million MW3 tournament arrives.

To be honest I worked on this idea like 6 months ago and tried to make it this app working and wanted to release it, but couldn't make it because of finances . I don't want this idea to be wasted just like this. If anyone there willing to make this app please contact me I will give you design docs and art aseets like UI elments, all you need to do it find a great programmer and make this app. I don't want a profit from anything you make, just put my name in the credits . Also I don't know if Infinity ward copyrights issue comes first LOL...XD

My email -

Steam ID - azyrusmax

Many thanks for reading,


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Please let me know your thoughts, if you like it or not please leave a reply, it would be really helpful. Thanks

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