By Far The Most Egregious Case Of Bad Hit Detection I Have Ever Seen *Updated*

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I need to get on my theatre and grab the clip from the other night when I was on Lockdown and shot a guy in the freaking chest 3 times after a headshot "phased" through him, with the L118. No hit markers, nothing, then of course he turns and finishes me off in one shot after I put 4 freaking sniper bullets in his upper torso. It's the things like this still being in the game that make me not want to play.

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I play Knife Only all the time so I get lag a LOT. At least when you're shooting someone and it lags, SOMETIMES you can manage to squeak a kill out. I only get one shot to knife. Lol.

My favorite is when I'm practically in their back pocket, I lunge with a FULL ANIMATION, and they just keep running, hear me fail, and kill me.

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Get Compensated! xD


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Happens ALL THE TIME. Welcome to MW3.

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Nothing new, happens all the time. I hit a guy twice at point blank ranger with a striker equipped with damage. No hit markers and he stabs me. Here's another. My teammate and I were both shooting one guy and unloaded full clips into him point blank, he casually changes to his pistol and shoots both of us then dies.  Since I've upgraded my internet speed, I'm seeing more and more of this. Technical said I should forward my ports on my Modem/router. I did but the lag compensation S#&* seems to work against me even more now. They don't seem to care as long as they are rolling in the money.

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almost as bad as this... also my gun was going threw his head

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Same thing happened to me with the KSG.  The guy was laying on the ground in a recon drone.  First shot to head hitmarker, second shot to head no hitmarker, third shot to head kill.  Never thought I would see anything worse but you beat it

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that happens to me all the time when using the bolt-actions.  Perfect shots and not so much as a hitmarker... usually followed by my immediate death.  It's no fun being the host

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I've got one to add, must have tried to shoot this guy 3 or 4 times

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