Bugreport: splitscreen EMP

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So let's enter another bugreport, since I still have no clue where to drop these.

This bug isn't really bugging me... but since it is giving me a little advantage online, I don't think it's fair to keep it in the game.

What's the bug?

Well... when the enemy has EMP, both players (player 1 and player 2 on splitscreen) loose their radar, HUD and red dot and stuff...

But when player 2 dies and respawns, everthing is back to normal... but player 1 keeps the EMP-effects until it wears off...

So to summarize: when player 2 dies 1 time, the radar, red dot and everything is back to normal again. Even the static on the screen is gone (if I recall correctly).

The only thing not working is using a killstreak, since the EMP is officially still in effect.

You can understand that it's not really bothering me... but it's not fair... so I think it should be fixed

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