Are COD Players REALLY that stupid?

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What they need to do is make it so the decoys have lower rewards in them.

If they weren't always OG or other rewards I might grab one. It also makes it better to use the care package because there always is a little doubt on what it actually is.

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I get what your saying, but the point of a decoy airdrop is trick the opposing player into grabbing it. If I saw an OG air drop on the map I would go after it compared to a UAV or counter UAV. You go up to the fake care package expecting a great reward and instead BOOM!!! If the fake care packages only had lower rewards in them, then everyone would ignore them. That is why the higher rewards are shown, but again, that was a good idea.

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Loved your post<3 I keep laughing at the people who blow themselves and others around them up by grabbing those things. I mean come on!! If you see a care package sitting unguarded in the middle of the map and its a Juggernaut or some other awesome reward, do you really think that it's not a hacked package???No one is going to leave that siting for the enemy to possibly get! I think they should make those things randomized. Sometimes they blow up and sometimes you actually get something from them. I think it would make it more of a incentive for the enemy. 50/50 shot =)

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in order to get the smarter players with it u need to wait till u see someone on the oppisite team then you run up to the dummy carepackage sit next to it and dont move. let the enemy kill u then theyll run up and get the package every time its hullarious

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And if you're on Underground, and someone calls a care package to the center of the map, what the HELL does that tell you?

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Most of the time I avoid care packages because of the obvious trap, but they can be played really well.  A team mate dropped one in in TDM as we defended that crate with our lives, I managed to get five kills in before I bought it and he got a similar amount.  I was sprinting back to where it was just to catch somebody on the other team being blown up by it.  I'd died twice in quick succession because I was giggling about it - all that hard work, and then boom

As for always wanting the item, not always - I would hardly ever pick up an Ammo crate, I'd either leave it for someone else or pick of the people trying to get it

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This thread isn't meant to change anything.

It's just a funny little thought that came to me, thought I'd share it, evidently it was well recieved, some rather funny responses, as was what I had intended for the thread.

Why are you so angry? Is this thread causing you pain of sorts?

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I throw my decoy package down and guard it like its the holy grail. People will see it come down and rush for it thinking its actually a care package, and if they see someone killing people around it and defending it then they're going to assume its the real deal.

"Looting....looting...looting....BZZZZZZZZ! *BOOM*!"

Got a triple kill with one earlier. I laughed so hard.

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Well, people are just dumb. Before I get Dead Silence, I use Sitrep. Although I warn people that the specific crate siting at -ad place- is a bomb and I keep warning people whenever I see them walking around such carate, someone comes to it and picks it up eventually.

Idiocy is an unavoidable element in this world, just like oxygen.

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