Are COD Players REALLY that stupid?

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I am amazed how many people still fall for that package, they just cant help themselves.

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Reminds me of playing BlackOps.. someone trapped a carepackage right before someone capped it. He didn't realize an enemy was right there and the icon changed. (signifying someone "capped" it) And of course, he died. I probably could have told him not to cap it if I felt like it, since my mic was on, but the idiots need to learn by mistake.

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& what I like is that you can see it's a airdrop-trap with SitRep cuz it's all red And also,can you destroy a airdrop trap?

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Lol this happened to me the other day i tried to give my teammate the hint by knifing him haha but he went for it anyways and i died with him. I raged pretty bad. I was thinking the same thing. How can people be that stupid?

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Now, all of this just occurs to me instantly, and to pretty much everyone I play with, so I have to ask, is it really that hard to piece together?

There's always SitRep. Either use it yourself to notify others that it's a trap, or advise that others use it themselves to avoid being tricked. Calling COD players 'stupid' isn't helping.

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I see this happen all the time. I fell for it a few times, but then i started noticing that the fake ones were ALWAYS unguarded and in the middle of a big fight zone, meaning that it was obviously a fake that the owner threw down. I die a bit inside when I'm running and hear the explosion and see that 3 of my teammates died from their own stupidity

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From the beginning, I avoided most of the 'care packages'... but now I always grab them.  I found it to be  a good 50/50 of fake/real.  What happens if it's fake?  I die and it gives them a meaningless kill (objective games - not s&d), and I respawn 2 feet away and keep going (oh, and I could care less about k/d).  But if it's real, I get to have more fun with the game and help out my team a little more.

In the end, I like the gamble, and it pays off more often than your 'stupid' ass thinks.

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Yes we can all tell by your username you are a person of great intelligence and wit

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Most of the people who call in the fake package make it so obvious i don't see how they ever get kills.

Yeah i totally believe someone is going to throw a carepackage out in the middle of a hot zone.

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