Are COD Players REALLY that stupid?

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I've had the odd misfortune of this happening quite a few times to me today, I just happen to be running past a teammate who ends up blowing himself up and me with him, granting the player on the enemy team a couple of easy, free kills.

Let me sum this up for all you out there repeatedly falling for this completely obvious trick,


Really, it isn't, it never is. How many times before you get that?

''Oh look, a completely unguarded carepackage, time to get me some of that action!'

Can you see the problem with that statement? Let's take a look.

1. When someone calls a carepackage in, it's because they want whatever is inside.

That's fair to presume, right? When you call a carepackage in, you usually want it, right? So, we must presume that there is something more to the innocent looking carepackage sitting there in the middle of the map, because no one has taken it.

2. When someone calls a carepackage in, they usually try to guard it until they can take it, to make sure any sneaky little enemies don't just take it.

Also a fair presumption, correct?

So, why is it just sitting there, unguarded, looking all inviting and so on? Has the person who called it in simply forgot about it? Laughably unlikely. Sure, they could have died while waiting for it to be called in, but that brings me to...

3. If the person called in the carepackage and died, and it is actually a carepackage, they would most of the time, try to run back before someone else nabs it, whether it be a teammate or an enemy.

Again, fair to say?

This is a brilliant way to determine whether or not it's a carepackage, why is there no one trying to take it?

Now, all of this just occurs to me instantly, and to pretty much everyone I play with, so I have to ask, is it really that hard to piece together?

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Hahaha good post, OP. The reason so many of the players go after it is because they are around 10 years old. I saw countless moms at the midnight release. There are too many little kids running around that don't know better.

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Erm, 75% of the people on this planet are stupid.

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The fact that you assume 75% of the worlds population is stupid simply makes you look stupid....irony.

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Actually, 75% is an understatement. I'd say it's more like 80-90%.

Then again, my IQ is around 142 (about 99% higher than the rest of the world), so I tend to think just about everyone is retarded.

And no, I never pick up any care packages,....just like I didn't fall for the stupid decoy grenade in Black Ops.

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I like how people, who have the urgent need to relay their IQ to the Internet, think their IQ means they aren't stupid. IQ measures very limited specter of one's intellectual qualities.

Thank you tho, for appealing to us as a lesser creature and allowing us to avoid you in the future.

As for your IQ, nobody really gives a damn and nobody is impressed. In the end of the day, it's just a silly number that wraps around your ego like chocolate around tongue, meaning nothing by itself. It doesn't make you special

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Well, seeing as how everyone I seem to talk to has the intellectually capacity of a retarded chimp, I'd say it's pretty damn accurate.

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What a ego. Wow lol

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I guess I can accept that, I know how many underage players COD attracts.

It's an 18 certificate game, I heard someone openly admit in Game chat the other day that he was 7 after he was asked, while trying to trash talk a much older bloke for knifing him.

I facepalmed.

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