Are COD Players REALLY that stupid?

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You must remember you are playing with children, EVERY SINGLE ROUND, just unmute everyone and I gurantee there will be atleast 1 or 2 blabbering helium voices.

The youngest I ever encountered was an 8yo in mw2. Yes he said he was 8, and the boice proved that, sounded more like 3, lol.

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Lol att the guy who brags about IQ that he probably got from a Facebook IQ test. How many times did you take the test to improve your score? /facepalm

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LOL - was wondering the same thing myself. If he truly has a high IQ he'd get our laughter ... but I doubt he will.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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I think the intent was for the game play to be so fast paced that evaluating who's CP it is gets overlooked.

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To the OP ... I can't believe it took these care package decoys for you to figure out exactly how stupid a good 50% of the COD community is.

And it ain't just the kids.

Other situations of stupidity -

-  The guy that's had the highest number of kills in the last five matches is in front of you. He turns around, 180 degrees, and starts running the opposite direction and yells, "Run!" That might be a good hint for the four guys following him to do the same. But NOOOOOO ... we're smarter than the guy with a 3.0 KDR ... so we continue forward anyway ... only to get plastered by an Assault Drone or Death Machine.

-  The top guy on your team starts to enter a door/opening, but tries to back up at the last second instead. The idiot behind you won't get out of the way ... so you're both killed by a claymore.

-  Someone on your team yells, "Predator incoming! Duck for cover!"  ... so the whole team gathers up in one spot. (BTW ... in case no one has figured it out yet, there is a distinct popping sound when a Predator has been called in. Within 5 seconds it is going to explode. There's still time, usually, to trick the Predator controller and duck for cover)

- I love the QS wannabes that somehow are running in front of the rest of the team ... that stop without warning to take aim blocking everyone else from going forward or ducking for cover. Not only do they get plastered, everyone behind them does, too.

- The really stupid people - you flank an opponent. You don't kill him. Instead, you take up a position directly behind him ... and start shooting his teammates. I can usually get 3 or 4 kills before he decides to check out what's going on behind him.

- For a truly hilarious laugh ... don't kill the guy when he starts to turn around. Just stay perfectly behind him. He'll think he's okay then go back to looking downrange like he had been.

I've seriously done that for almost entire matches in the past.

I could go on all day with "What?! Are you really that stupid?!" moments.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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I'm fully aware of the stupidity that the majority of the COD community has, this sort of thing just reminds me of it.

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This one time I heard "enemy care package incoming" and decided to rush around the edges of the map to find it.

By the time I got there I only witnessed the enemy being crushed by his own care package.

The best way to tell if an unguarded carepackage is a trap is to simply look for a dead body underneath it. If you find one then take it, if not then it's best you get far away before your teammate decides he hit the jackpot.

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sometime i take them for the fuck of it "hey where up 20 kills and im 30-5 lemme open this trap and give this kid a free kill fuck it" kinda like on gow3 when i drop the scoreboard on teammates when there picking up torque bow/digger, its pretty funny

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