Any news about the anticheat patch?

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Re: Any news about the anticheat patch?

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oh yes a big problem and now its weekend and now the cheaters are really lose. im getting more and more tired of it and are just thinking about just to delete the game. Its not any fun to go in and take a game and then are there nothing but bloody cheaters on.

It simply cant be right that they dont do anyting about it, they just want our money and then rest they dont care about. its so sad

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Re: Any news about the anticheat patch?

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I don't know how many cheaters are online as I only play private games with our clan, if and when they bring out this anti cheat, then and only then we all may go back online  and kick some butt, none of our clan members have got any of the DLC "don't see the point" because why spend any more money on a game you can't play without cheaters winning every game, so IW please bring out the anti cheat patch asap.

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