Another redundant discussion about Call of Duty Elite age limits

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This pretty much. Sure it sucks but the reason it sucks is because no one ever enforces it. They should but developers know damn well thats a big chunk of money. Their might be someone behind the curtains making sure this is enforced. Either way limits are limits. Gotta be 21 to drink, sure underage drink all the time, but it still doesn't change it.

I dunno about anyone else but gamestop i wen to made sure someone had to be over 17 to pick up MW3.

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Wouldnt be so sure about that stores seem to not give a flying fuck about who purchased the game without adults.

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FAQ are for when people have problems and have to look somewhere to fix it, if it is a common problem it will be in FAQ. In the UK and US the 18 rating on a game is a recommendation(mainly for parents) and is not enforced by law. Something like this should clearly state the age rating will be enforced heavily on the front cover of the hardened editon and on the marketplace. IW or activion whoever, must have knew this would happen. We all know the majority of people who play this game is under 18, and so do they. So this must have crossed their minds when deciding to enforce it, and they must have made the desicion to not warn people and knowlingly let people waste there money. what a discrasefull company.

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Yeh the majority of gamers are NOT under 18, this topic has been discussed already but to bring you up to speed the average gamer's age 30+.....the gameplay for single player is rated, the multiplayer (online gameplay) is not. Elite requires you be 18+ to use I'm pretty sure it stated that when signing up for it in the agreement, probably wouldn't have hurt to have read that. I suggest making you another account and doing the politician thing on your age and lie so that you can get it resolved.

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what agreement? I just went a bought a game, i don't sign things when buying games. well still a massive chunk of players are u18. Still nothing is taken away from the fact that it should be made clear and obvious that you will not be able to use elite if you are under 18.

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I never planned on buying elite, I got the basic $60 game (Yeah yeah cool story) but I really see a fail in Elite. Anyone that is 17 or older can buy an M rated game..but you need to be 18 to use elite? It doesn't make sense to me why it isn't 17 or older to play it. I'm 17 and a little disgruntled by the fact I cannot get the Double XP from downloading the free app haha! My mistake for not putting in a fake age I guess.

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The game is 18+. nuff said, should have worked it out from there....

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well in australia its actually 15+

so i dont know why they wouldnt put the age limit as the age you need to purchase the game

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Actually the game is 17+ but you can buy it or play it even if you are 13.

Elite is a totally different animl. Its not a game. thats why the ESRB rating is still RP rating pending.

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When will you children learn you get nothing for whining.  I take that back, we got a slap up side the head for whining.  Maybe that's what wrong with the world, not enough head slapping.  By the way, did you read the FAQ's on the elite site?  Probably not because it said very plainly "must be 18". 

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