And so, the BIG decision is here...

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.....attend midnight launch and game until the next morning OR ...  attend an interview for a job i have been wanting for ages and miss out on the excitement of mw3 launch.  sigh

Yup thats the dilemma i am currently facing. I have been applying for a job as a solar technician/installer for ages with a local company and have been getting the usual "we have added you to our database" responses. However i got a letter yesterday asking for me to attend an interview and guess what day the interview is.... MW3 TUESDAY

I guess thats what is called sods law !!  All joking aside, i will of course be attending the interview at 11am, just not sure if i should do the midnight launch anymore because there is no way i will be able to switch the ps3 off after a few games and go to sleep !! I may just have to wait until later in the day to buy mw3 which is not too bad, but i so wanted to do the midnight gaming thing lol.  What do you guys n gals think....

answers on the back of a postcard please

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I've showed up for the last 2 midnight launches at about 1AM lol.

That way all the fanboys have gotten their thrill with waiting in line, being hassled by army recruiters, and I can just get my game and go home and start playing.

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Especially in todays economy, i would def just get some rest the night before and knock out your interview.  midnight releases ARE fun and i will be doing it, but the servers are always laggy anyway. 12 hours or so missed wont be that big of a deal.  the job is much more important.  and just imagine how much better the game will be after youre tryign to scratch the itch for 12 hours of it already being out.

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At this stage, if you get the game even at the earliest oppurtunity on Tuesday morning you'll be behind alot of people, and I think people don't realise how that affects the early days of the game.

If you have say 5 hours played on day 1, and another guy has 10 and is 7 ranks higher say, he'll probably have a better idea of guns, maps, perks and killstreaks. It might a bit out there but it does affect the peole who are only starting and havn't a clue whats around the next corner. That alone is a great advantage in the early days.

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What you could do, possibly, is go to sleep early monday then go to midnight release. That is depending on if you can.

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