ASAP Clowns: looking for new members for both black ops 2 and modern warfare 3! (Xbox)

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Hello. I am the leader of ASAP Clowns and I am here to recruit you. We do clan operations when available for black ops 2 and we need many new members to help out. We dont ask for much, just be there when we need you.

What can the clan offer for you?

  • Amazing teams
  • Gold clan op ranking
  • Experience for new gamers
  • Friendships with people you dont know
  • Level 10 clan on Black Ops 2
  • (optional): Private match lobbies, such as michael myers, quickscoping, gun game and etc...
  • And Clan practices (if you need to for clan ops)

Some background of the clan

This clan was first started on November 2nd, 2012 and we have currently a level 10 clan on black ops 2. We didn't start out well at first cause we didn't have many people in the clan to help. But later on, we improved. We have recently won gold in the past three clan operations and we look on to getting better than that one day. Just last night, we got gold in the Team Deathmatch Clan Op placing 1,106 out of 22,305 clans.

Clan Requirements:

  • Must participate in clan operations when they are able to
  • Respect to others
  • Don't talk trash on other clan members, automatic probation
  • No Racism, unless permission is granted
  • No tryouts
  • No microsoft points
  • No age limit
  • Just have fun and be there for us

So what are you waiting for? Click on this link and apply for the clan, if you are interested. With your help, we will crush anyone who comes up as a threat. On xbox, message me. My Gamertag is The Atheist One. Don't be insulted by the tag, it was just to piss some people off. Have a wonderful day, and also, have fun with the Call of Duty: Black Ops II experience. Thank you for your time.

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