A message to Infinity Ward.... Your game fails.

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I must be one of the lucky ones. The only real issue I've seen is trying to match up with a full party. It finds parties-then skips them and keeps searching. Last night was the worst I've seen. However-last night my party was stretched across the entire US and Canada. I suspect the ping rates were having a tough time matching up.

Beyond that-no problem. MUCH smoother than prior iterations, IMO.

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I have to agree with you. The only time my friends and I have any trouble is when the one can't join us. There's a reasonable explanation though. He has a pretty bad internet connection.

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I haven't got any problems apart from the lag. Matchmaking and everything is fine for me Smiley Frustrated

I played MW2 and everything was fine, went back on MW3 and i'm 1-2 seconds behind.

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Im quite sure cod administrators are experiencing the same problems as you, theyre working on it give them some time and please dont complain then youll disappoint them. But they WILL find solutions to not just your problem but others as well. Be patient

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i hope so antonio, but remember they spent 12 months denying lag in BO then when this launched they finally admitted it.. so i do not trust activision at all at this point

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     I hope so also im with you in the not trusting activision point , Activision and Infinty Ward are really trying but at the same time trying to make it better thats all. So alot of stuff is getting cut and internet network may be slow , and many people may be irritated but theyre not giving up. Belive me

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