A message to Infinity Ward.... Your game fails.

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First off I have been a LONG time COD fan (Since COD1) so I am in no way hating on the series.

Underneath all of the issues I do like this game but it's the little (Or rather big) things that seriously ruin it for me.

- Lag issues, even in games with a 4 bar connection never seem to be that good, like cod4 kinda good. I heard it's something to do with lag compensation or something. Nobody wants it, take it out seriously, it's just making the game worse.

- Matchmaking (Still). It's fine when your playing on your own I usually go straight into a game, but when playing with friends, usually more than two it takes about 10 minutes to be in a game (In which when your winning the enemy team will probably all back out anyway).

- Some hit detection I've noticed, mainly when trying to get headshots with a sniper, for example, seems to be pretty poor from what I can tell.

- When joining a game with a party, I joined a random game on my own (Makes absolutely no sense)

I know that isn't many issues, there are a few more in which I can't think of now. But the game is just ruined, today I went on for an hour and managed to play one full game, without people leaving or connection failing. I ended up going back on Cod4 which I hadn't been on in a while, straight into a game within seconds with full bar, how can you guys not get this right, considering it's absolutely perfect on a game that is now four years old!

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just dont post if ur gonna be a dumbass

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deal with it and don't annoy us about it. go sell your game if you don't like it

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Fully agree with you wilson..

And ignore the flamers on here...

IW have acknowledged that there is a lag issue with this game and

were meeting yesterday to see how to could address this..

Not sure what todays update was for but it seems to have made the game

far more unplayable for me since i uploaded it

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Black Ops had horrible lag and piss poor hit detection....Treyarch had a helping hand making this game....see the connection?

But I do agree on some points, but with every CoD, you must adjust and deal with it because it's probably not going to get fixed

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OOO for love of all shiny things!!!! Stop hating on Treyarch IW are the once that failed.. I never ever ever had such a bad lag in Black Ops as i do here every other game. So please stop hating On Trayarch, IW should of learned something from them and instead giving us fail Elite that you  have o quit game to check they could atleast make stats and stuff show up like it was in Black Ops. Ooo and i rather have trayarch designers make maps not fail piles of junk that we got from IW..

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Black Ops was never laggy for me...MW2 was rarely laggy...guess what? MW3 is rarely laggy now also!

Lag is determined by many factors, one of those factors is the area....like I said in a previous thread, it could just be certain places that are hit badly compared to others. Sucks if you're lagging though, unlucky.

Anyway, OP the thing about joining a random match, that's happened ever since MW2...the networking on CoD has never been great imo.

CoD 4 was updated, it wasn't perfect when released as far as i'm aware...and I doubt it is perfect even now Give them time to fix the mistakes in MW3, the games barely been out and everyone is running out of patience!

Of course there will be problems, every game has problems....people where just so hyped for MW3 that they expected it to be perfect so the fact it has problems is more annoying for them.

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Ok i can understand people giving out about the lag on BO but just so you know why.. the mechanics for Elite were being tested behind the scenes for that entire game...

So now we have the full elite and this game is far laggier... so i think we can safely assume it is ELITE that is causing the issues because the game cannot handle the amount of data for the stat tracking theater etc..

Get elite off the fucking game

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What's with all the trolling? Like 'sell the game' etc...

You all know it's true points, so why disagree....

Simple fact is, the game is broken. Amazing, but broken.

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