1st topic... Support Package... will it be abused by vets versus help the greenie?

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That's a great point DFHFHFHFH... man, you need a better name...

... there are so many more things to shoot down in the air than previous titles.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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It would be interesting to find out how the Sam Turrent chooses its target.

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This does cause concern for me but I'll wait until release to make judgements.

You and me both, Otis.  Lower KS work better for me and the way I play the game anyways.  I've usually relied on CPs to get the higher KS in previous CoDs.  Not much of a "camper."

Oh and Kambo, I'd wreck with it once achieved!! :lol:

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It will be interesting to see the impact the increased availability of UAVs will have on people's class loadouts. I imagine we will see more launchers being selected as secondary weapons.

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well you have to think... a good player in TDM, will pretty much get like... 25 to 30 kills... if he applies the support package, he'll only be getting his entire streak once. or one and a half times... and theyre not devistating support... they pretty much JUST help youre team out. So i wont mind seeing a Support Juggernaught down on the map once a round. itll be awesome to have your team focus on taking him down from a distance. he only has a riot sheild. and he'll only get maybe 4 or 5 kills with it... thats no 10 kills with a chopper gunner or AC130

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i can only imagine if someone gets the assault juggernaut. you just see this big ass guy walk around the corner with a big ass LMG and your whole team can get screwed off of that. but i agree with you, the support juggernaut probably won't be very effective, just a means of having some fun. i'll probably use the escort airdrop

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If by abused you mean UAV, Counter-UAV, SAM turret then yes. That is all I will run 90% of the time.

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A lot of guys who can't get big streaks in the other games will like this, the hi kd guys won't be able to resist their leathals.

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I think it's almost going to be a necessity for at least a couple of guys to be running support killstreaks with sam turrets with the amount of stuff that's going to be in the air in this game.  I know I'm planning on running it the majority of the time when playing objective games, and I'm usually the main slayer when playing with my friends. 

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