1st topic... Support Package... will it be abused by vets versus help the greenie?

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I think most of the posts here are completely wrong. The Support killstreak Package is mostly only going to be used by noobs, gauranteed. The Strike Package is a wet dream come true for guys that run up high kill counts. You get an extra perk after two kills, another after four kills, a third after six kills ... that's SIX PERKS after only six kills??? You guys need to think about that. You're talking about easily getting 18 kill streaks ... 8 kills is a joke! At 8 you get ALL 15 perks!

Unlimited ammo & explosives via scavenger, faster reload than probably half the opposing force, faster ADS than probably 2/3 of the opposing team, faster movement, longer sprint, greater resistance to damage, blind to UAV and equipment, delayed claymore/betty, etc, etc ... and you only need 8 kills for all that stuff.

If you get six guys that are just slightly above average running Specialist ... the other team can have all six guys running Support and they'll probably back out within the first two minutes.

No, stronger players are going to be running Specialist.

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It's nice to use and it takes a little bit of stress out of the game. I'm not to worried that we'll end up with p/s spam because you have to cycle through your entire Support Package before you can earn your low streak again.

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I see where you're coming from. But is it actually possible to have something that benefits the weaker gamer that stronger players can't benefit from?

I completely see your point, but don't feel it will be an issue. Assault will almost certainly appeal more to KD fanatics.

I have a 2+ KD & WL in the all the COD games I think. I'm an objective player. So this will appeal to me as I like to help the team. I also like blowing the crap out of people while I'm doing it.

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After seeing the IGN stream...

... this package still looks like better players will see a lot more of an advantage to using it than the greenie.

I don't see this as an issue rather an unintended result of adding it.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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