1st topic... Support Package... will it be abused by vets versus help the greenie?

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Its good for objective players that actually get on flags and dont just killwhore

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I think it will be and especially in Objective game modes where you could hit 18 kills multiple times per game.

I can see that escort airdrop being one huge problem as its basically 6 killstreaks rolled into one every 18 kills since you get an AI chopper gunner, 4 care packages which could produce god forbid any top killstreak multiple times and to top it off a bobby trapped care package.

Lets play this one out so at 12 kills you recieve a remote turret

Then at 14 kills(not 12) you recieve a stealth bomber

Then at 18 kills you recieve a escort airdrop

lets think about the possible kills i could accumalate from those 3 killstreaks at worst your looking at 10 kills at best your looking at 30+ kills if those care packages are kind enough which is ridulous from someone who could be going 18 kills - 28 deaths for him to recieve these rewards

Dont get me wrong i like the idea just not the exercution of it

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That's about my thoughts, too, Alex.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I'm going to have to agree with this.

I plan on seeing a lot of chopper-gunner-care-package-droppers and stealth bombers.

I might have to just run the Juggernaut streak to survive the map blowing up.

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But if it doesn't reset when you die, then you could only get an 18 killstreak once per game.

Nevermind.. I just saw the question below. So apparently it resets when you hit your highest streak. I thought that it didn't reset for the entire match.

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the thignis that even if the goo for the highpoint streaks thy might only be able to use once or twice in a game so they wont really be healpingn their team very much, personanly i would go with 5 balistic vests, 8 sam turret (get those pesty helicopters out of the way) , and then 18 protected air drop, i probably wont be running the last one very often becaue i enjoy helping my team win/counter against my enemy

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I've been sceptic to this ever since i heard of it for this reason! The experienced players who are around average/ below average will benefit greatly from this

Quick question tho, does it reset after a certain number of deaths, or doesn't it reset at all.....?

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I'm going to use this mainly for objective games, since I'm contantly sticking my neck out for my team to win.

I think the support strike package is a good idea, in the sense of how I will use it.


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Quick question tho, does it reset after a certain number of deaths, or doesn't it reset at all.....?

Doesn't reset until you reach your highest killstreak.

I'm not too concerned. If a player is running UAV, Counter UAV & Sam Turret, they'll get it alot during the game but they aren't really doing much damage in terms of kills.

If a player is using  Remote Turret, Stealth Bomber & Juggernaut Recon, they're most likely to get it once or twice a game.

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Oh, i'm not too sure about that, mate. I know more than a few guys that could f*ck us all over with thisSmiley Tongue

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