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on Xbox One with season pass I can install chapter 2 but in game it just says "See in store" so I can not play it

King's Quest

I bought the season pass last year, I was able to install chapter 2 via the season pass. However in the game chapter 2 just says "see in store". I have uninstalled chapter 2 and reinstalled it several times and its always the same status.

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I'm having the same issue after purchasing the "Complete collection" a few days ago. I have been searching and searching for a solution and keep hitting dead ends. The fact that Activision makes it basically impossible to contact them about this is INFURIATING. If I click "contact us" I should be able to *****ing talk to a customer support person, not get a "we suggest you try this generic troubleshooting list" with ZERO options for further support. Such bull*****!

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So I figured out a fix for this issue!


1. Go to "My Games & Apps", find King's Quest under "Games", bring up the menu and uninstall the entire game.

2. Still in "Games & Apps", go to "Ready to install", open the menu for King's Quest and select "Manage Game"

3. From that menu, go down to "Ready to install" and select Chapter 1 to install it. 

4. Once it has finished installing, start the game. (if it says "resume" on the home screen, open the menu and select "quit" before starting the game)

5. In the game menu, select "Chapters". Chapters 2-5 should say "Available Now".

6. Select Chapter 2. It will open the store for Chapter 2 and should say "Install". Select that and wait for it to finish downloading 100%.

7. Back on your home screen, open the menu on King's Quest and select "quit" (so it says "Launch" instead of "resume")

8. Start up the game again, this time select "Play". Chapter 2 should now say "Begin"


It may seem a bit tedious but this process finally made the rest of the game playable for me, so hopefully it'll help others with the same issue. Just to be safe, I've been installing only one chapter after completing the previous, using the above method. 

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Registered: ‎25-07-2017
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