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Sincere Wish for a Re-issue of the Scarface on Steam

King's Quest

Hi, I am a loyal fan for Scarface: The World Is Yours from China. Due to various objective reasons including publication conditions, when I played this game in 2008, most of Chinese gamers had no access to get legal copies of the game at all, me included. I really enjoyed this game, and even now, I would say without any hesitation that this game was the best GTA type game, the one and only among others before GTA IV's release. I write to you for two purposes: 1. My sincere gratitude to you guys for creating such a masterpiece. 2. My equally sincere wish that you guys could issue the game on Steam. 10 years ago we had no access to pay for it. I really would love to compensate for the play. I would not hesitate to preorder, any deluxe version, collector version, luxury version or any spin-offs. Even if you just put the original one on steam without any optimization, I would still love to buy it. I believe there are many Scarface lovers wishing to see this game remastered or issued again. Just look at the message board, how many calls for remastered Scarface there are! I am very glad that my call was replied by Activision staff a month ago. I just put it here in Sierra Block, as a support to all other Scarface lovers, to make our voice louder. Thank you very much!
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Registered: ‎07-03-2018
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