Welcome to Gesture Warfare!

A new featured mode coming to Infinite Warfare!

By IW_Studio on September 22, 2017
Level 8

We’re excited to release a new weekend mode tomorrow, September 22nd , into our featured playlist: Gesture Warfare! This mode is all about taking the gesture system to a whole new level. Who doesn’t want to take down an enemy with the Head Crush gesture?! Now, let’s get into how this works: 

• Score limit: 20

• 9 predetermined gestures are given to each player in random order. You’ll notice we also replace your menu selected gesture in this mode too.

• What are the gestures you get to use?

  • Head Crush
  • Bang Bang
  • Boom
  • You’re Dead
  • Crush
  • Jackal Toy
  • R-C8 Toy
  • Light It Up
  • Flick

• Every kill with a gesture (or by launching the Flick Black Hole) will cycle to another gesture, like Gun Game

• Not only will you have gestures at your disposal, you’ll also be able to scavenge ammo after getting 1 kill per life. You’ll also have a lethal Throwing Knife. But why add weapons? We want you to play how you want, but with the option of using gestures and the normal combat you’re used to. Also, different gestures have different times to kill, so you’ll still be able to be effective when you get caught in surprise combat situations

• How do you use the gestures? Two ways. You can use the D-pad, which most of you are already comfortable using or you can also use your tactical grenade button

• Why is this a thing? Because we like creating things and well…lunch conversations tend to spark a lot of cool ideas, especially when it’s about how fun it would be to eliminate an enemy with the Bang Bang gesture Smiley Wink

• Pro tip! Using the D-pad to kill with a gesture will circumvent the 5 second lethal delay at the start of a match! 

We can’t wait for you to play and want to hear your feedback along the way. We’ll be monitoring your comments and suggestions, so feel free to tell us what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see. 

Gesture Warfare will go live in Infinite Warfare tomorrow, September 22nd and run through Monday, September 25th.