Get to know MagicSista24 and her passion for emblem creation!

By IW_Studio on June 23, 2017
Level 8

Every community has individuals that consistently provide inspiration and groundbreaking ideas. Our June IW Emblem Artist of the Month is one of those people. She is one of the most prolific emblem artists, often revealing new works within hours. She is also known for her realism in portraits, as well as high impact cartoon subject matter. In Infinite Warfare, MagicSista discovered a way to create animated short films. She has a long history with artistry in emblems and a few tips for those that are new to emblem creation. MagicSistah-Portrait.JPG

How long have you been creating Emblems on Call of Duty?

I have been making Emblems for 7 years. I was hooked when the feature was first implemented in Call of Duty: Black Ops, since then I’ve made emblems in every Call of Duty game that had an Emblem Editor.

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

When I’m not gaming, or making emblems, I’m probably creating something with a different art medium. I also enjoy movies and the outdoors whenever I get a chance.Rough Draft.png

Is there an Emblem you have made that you have found exceptionally challenging?

Although the process of creating emblems has become easier with experience, each emblem has its unique challenges, and that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to the Editor in the first place. My most difficult emblem in Infinite Warfare would have to be my dewdrop emblem, “Focus.” The main challenge was to create the first realistic emblem in Infinite Warfare. Aiming for realism with the Emblem Editor is always a challenge because it forces you to capture a high amount of detail while being limited to only 64 layers. Besides that, animating emblems has been a new refreshing challenge for me as well. Utilizing the “Group Layers” feature, I’m able to move select parts of an emblem and create animated shorts like these:


How would you describe your Emblem Art Style?

I usually focus on realistic and detailed representations of my subjects, however I do create abstracts and cartoony works also.Realistic.png

Do you have any tips or tricks for making IW Emblems that would help someone just starting out?

To me the most important tip is to be patient with yourself. Each emblem is its own puzzle that requires anywhere from 15 minutes to 5 hours to complete. Don’t give up if the emblems aren’t working out for you. If you truly want to make a good emblem, you will.Smiley.png

What are your go–to Decals in the IW Emblem Editor?

I usually use decals from the “Symbols” tab. You can’t go wrong with simple shapes such as circles or squares.Unstoppable.png

Favorite Rig/Payload to run?

FTL with FTL Jump.

Favorite Game mode and Loadout to run on it?

I love Free for All. My go-to Loadout for any game mode is the NV4 – Redemption with ELO, Quickdraw, Suppressor, 2 Cluster Grenades, Ghost, Hardline, and Hardwired.Ladybug.png

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