Community Update - March 2017

By IW_Studio on March 28, 2017
Level 8

Community Update – March 2017

Since our last update we’ve been working diligently on DLC, exciting new Quartermaster content, and various tweaks and in-game fixes for upcoming patches.

First off, we’ll be rotating more featured game modes into Infinite Warfare, starting with a new Moshpit playlist that includes Search and Rescue and Reinforce beginning on March 31st. In Search and Rescue, you’ll take turns attacking and defending two bomb sites. You’ll only have one life and will drop your dog tag if you’re killed in action. If your tag is retrieved by a teammate, you’ll be revived and brought back into the fight. Picking up an enemy’s dog tag before their team does will eliminate them from that round. Detonate a bomb or kill all enemy players to win the round.

Secondly, we’re excited to bring announcer packs to Infinite Warfare multiplayer. We’ll be kicking things off with two announcer packs: the UK Special Forces Voice Over Pack and the Method Man Voice Over Pack. We’re also happy to announce that the UK Special Forces VO Pack will be free to everyone, as a gift to our community. To select an Announcer Pack, follow the instructions below:

Head to “Multiplayer” > “Store” > “VO Packs” to see the packs available.

1) Select "Multiplayer" from the main menu.

2) Select "Public Match" from the Multiplayer menu.

3) Select "Barracks" from the Public Match menu.

4) Once in the Barracks, select "Announcer" at the bottom (this will be located under “Clan Tag”)

5) In the Announcer Voice menu, select the desired Announcer Voice and press the corresponding "Select" button

Earlier this month we released the emblem editor tool which gave our creative community a way to make their own personalized emblems in Infinite Warfare. We’re so impressed by the creativity and the skill behind the incredible designs we’ve seen and can’t wait to see more. Next month we’ll be starting our IW Emblem Artist of the Month blog on, so be sure to share your creations with us by using the hashtag #IWEmblems so we can share your work.

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the Quartermaster is going to get a new feature added called “Ciphers.” Ciphers are ways for our robot friend to engage and interact with the community. We’ll have details about exactly what that means once this feature goes live.

Lastly, we’re gearing up for DLC 2 with four new multiplayer maps and an all new zombies experience we can’t wait to share with you. Get ready for another wild trip into the twisted mind of Willard Wyler and some epic action on some of our freshest multiplayer maps ever.  

Again, thank you for your continued support and as always, and we’ll see you online!


-@ashtonisVULCAN, Community Manager