By IW_Studio on August 3, 2017
Level 8

We continue to be amazed by the artists in our emblem community with the detailed and creative content they create. We're excited to chat with Vileself, the Infinity Ward August Artist of the Month!  


How long have you been creating Emblems on Call of Duty?

Since it was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops.trophy.jpg

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?

When I'm not gaming you'll probably catch me drawing, going to the movies, or working on videos for YouTube.horns.jpg

Is there an Emblem you have made that you have found exceptionally challenging?

The one that immediately comes to mind is the Skateboard. You'd think making an emblem of a skateboard would be pretty simple since its not a very complex object at all however getting the angles and dimensions just right took a considerable amount of time and patience.skate.jpg

How would you describe your Emblem Art Style?

I'd say my style borderlines between semi-realism and comic book style art.dragon.jpg

Do you have any tips or tricks for making IW Emblems that would help someone just starting out?

I would tell anyone looking for advice to learn the software by becoming familiar with all the shapes and tools that we have to use. Practice perfecting easier designs such as simple logos or basic cartoon characters before moving on to more advanced images. It also wouldn't hurt to watch a few tutorials!


What are your go-to decals in the IW Emblem Editor?

Defeat (under the Icons tab)

Crushing Victory (under the Icons tab)

Tongue (under the Symbols tab)

and of course the good old Circle (also under Symbols tab)zombies.jpg

Favorite Rig/Payload to run?

Warfighter w/Claw is my main but I also like to run FTL w/Eraser to switch it up.skull.jpg

Favorite Game mode and Loadout to run on it?

TDM, Dom, KC

My main loadout is the Trencher – Gamma w/ Grip, Laser & Rifled Barrel. My perks are Ghost, Dexterity, & Dead Silence.

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