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Heroes Ideas and Feature Requests


READ BEFORE POSTING - Getting Started in the Ideas...

We created this Sub-Forum to create a central hub for the community to suggest ideas for new features and improvements to COD: Heroes!


Here are some tips to consider when creating your own thread:


1. Create a specific thread title about your idea.

    • Naming your thread “suggestion” isn’t going to properly inform players what your idea is focusing on. Try to be as clear and specific as possible with the title such as “Add Feature for Commanders to Message Alliance.” The more specific the title, the more community members that will read your thread, and the more they can contribute to the discussion.
    • Do not repeat topics that have been discussed in previous threads. If the idea(s) has/have been mentioned, your thread will either be merged or deleted.

2. Be clear and concise when giving explanations of your ideas.

    • Explain your ideas carefully and thoroughly. This includes adding details such as screenshots when applicable. High level ideas are great, but without details, the developers won’t have as much to go on!

3. Keep feedback constructive.

    • It’s ok if you don’t agree with someone’s idea, but if you think it can be improved, explain the reasons why it may not work instead of using negative language or calling it “stupid.” In addition, focus on discussing the idea being presented and not the one who came up with it Robot Happy


While we love to see all your great ideas, please know that we cannot comment on every thread or consider every idea. However, we read each and every post and will submit the ideas that stand out among the community, or have stronger chances of being implemented, to the developers.


Excited to hear your new ideas, Commanders!

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Re: READ BEFORE POSTING - Getting Started in the I...

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Best game ever!!! Trying to find rating and reviews to post and rate gamd for bonus points?

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