List of Known/Fixed Issues

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List of Known/Fixed Issues

Known Issues:


  • "Edit Base" button and the Event Board icon will be missing unless you complete all the quests (the last quest is to play survival and pass wave 1).
  • Gold/oil/diamond miners stop giving resources for a short period after being upgraded (this sometimes includes boosts)
  • Communication Centers might sometime not allow to fill all the slots (up to capacity). It is caused when several members of your alliance try to support you at the same time. It should fix itself in a day or two on its own (try using all the units to make sure it "resets" after a day or two).
  • Replays involving Quad Tanks may sometime show a different route that the Quad Tanks took which cause slight inconsistencies with the actual way the battle played out.
  • ASAMs and other units sometimes get hung up on barriers
  • League Score sometimes drops once a League Shield expires
  • Global and Local Push Notifications are not working on Android
  • Older Android devices seeing “Failure to initialize!” message
  • Rarely players will be moved down the Survival Leaderboards
  • Players are able to overstuff Hangars past capacity
  • Resource Miners with boosts-alls will have inconsistent Boost timers after a PVP attack
  • Resource Miners with Boosts will produce less resources than expected after a PVP attack
  • Using Scorchers and Lightning Strike in multiple successions will cause some UI issues
  • Invincible Menendez glitch and double C4 glitch
  • Heroes cannot be commanded to attack bunkers if occupied (try to attack a player with a full bunker) 
  • Refresh timer on Black Market not counting down on log out
  • Android input lag when clicking to upgrade buildings
  • Game lag when tapping certain menus (Troop or Hero tab to minimize menu in battle)
  • Rate of Fire Perk doesn't not display a change to the DPS stat like it should
  • FTL Units are not prioritizing Diamonds
  • "Load Previous Base" Message appearing at end of Tutorial
  • Black Market displaying the same items after switching accounts
  • Ads still not working for Double Loot option
  • iOS devices crashing in Survival mode
  • RD1 Healing Zombies in Survival
  • Tapping the Troops Tab in battle results in a small lag spike

Fixed Issues in 4.2.1

  • Crashes from Friendly Attack Replays
  • Challenge mode showing the player Skill Point Count
  • Friendly attacks make it appear as if hangars/bunkers have been empited and PVP shield is gone

Fixed Issues in 4.1.1

  • Players stuck in a reconnecting loop (iOS)
  • When typing in chat, white text appears against a white background (Android and Amazon)
  • AGR, Dragonfires and Siege Bots not prioritizing enemy turrets.
  • Reaper’s Lightning Strike Killstreak might be unresponsive on multiple uses

 Fixed Issues in 4.1

  • Android devices running OS 4.3 and older should no longer have menu buttons overlap the game
  • Improved memory usage of the game to reduce crashes
  • Resolved a bug that made Global Conflict points drop
  • Resolved a bug where deploying Eth3n would prevent deploying Reaper for a short time
  • Alliance War rewards now display correctly
  • Players can no longer be able to deploy two of the same Hero
  • Players can no longer deploy four Heroes
  • Heroes assigned to a Hero Post display Wildcard buffs

 Fixed Issues in 3.2.1

  • Overdrive Perk occasionally not working in Survival Mode
  • A player’s base could show up twice in a row when searching for PvP matches
  • Windows players are unable to purchase Celerium
  • On some Android devices, the sidebar would obscure Hero UI Icons (Android Only)

Fixed Issues in 3.0.2:

  • The damage radius of all mines has been corrected to their displayed values. Mines should no longer do damage across the entire map.
  • Players should now receive a third star in PVP after completely destroying an opponent's base.

 Fixed Issues in 2.7.1:

  • Captains are unable to see the request tab to accept new users to their alliance.
  • After being hit with an EMP Mine, the Lasers Turrets and Howitzers are able to attack Dragonfires and other flying units.
  • Some players have trouble viewing replays in Alliance Wars
  • • Survival Mode Glitch

 Fixed Issues in 2.7:

  • Text for Skill (Killstreak) based Events now state the Hero and Skill that is needed for the event, not just the Skill name.
  • Fixed an issue when players had to log out and log back in to collect AW Rewards on the Third Day.
  • Issue where players try to switch their base slots causes the game to crash occurs.
  • Issue with the Argentina Flag not appearing in the Vault and being removed from players' bases.

  Fixed Issues in 2.6.1:

  • In Survival Mode, when players used the "Replace Mines" Skill, it was only usable 6 times and deducted Celerium. This Skill now works as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Heroes and Units would occasionally go through Walls during PvP and Challenge Mode.
  • Fixed an issue when currency in different regions could show in US Dollars and not in local currency in the Vault.

 Fixed Issues in 2.6:

  • Deploy Heroes Event would count Heroes that are used in Campaign mode. This has been fixed and now only Heroes that are deployed in PVP and Alliance Wars are counted towards completing the event.
  • An issue where deploying a Quad Tank after a Command Center is destroyed would make the game crash a few seconds after has been fixed.
  • There was an issue on Google Play during the 2.6 Update when some of our Android players with older devices would experience a 103 error when they tried to update to Version 2.6. The patch to fix the 103 Error Code that some of our Android Commanders experienced became available to download from the Google Play Store on 6/28/16.
  • Some  players had issues with making purchases on Android Devices.

Fixed Issues in 2.5.1:

  • Fixed an issue where the Quad Tank which has a capacity of 20 was 18 when sending it as support to an ally.
  • Fixed an issue when currency in different regions would show in US Dollars and not in local currency.


Fixed Issues in 2.5:

  • In 2.4, the Care Package Skill was bugged and healed air and ground units. This is fixed and the Care Package will (again) heal only ground units.
  • There was an issue in Survival Mode when players were unable to heal Heroes that were too close to buildings. We added some optimizations to combat this and the ability to heal a Hero that gets damaged while the healing option is pre-selected.


Fixed Issues in 2.1:


  • Fixed an issue with Reaper showing the Scythe animation while defending a base
  • Fixed an issue with Siege Bots not triggering mines
  • Increased the hit box detection range when healing Heroes in Survival mode
  • Fixed an issue with the Oil cost of the VTOL
  • Difficulty has been increased for higher survival mode waves
  • Lightened the text in several areas to make it easier to read on smaller devices
  • Fixed an issue caused by copying a base layout from Normal to Alliance War
  • Fixed an SFX issue with the Reaper and Outrider killstreaks



Fixed Issues in 1.10:


  • In some AW battles, the report will say 2 stars but the actual attack (and replay) will show 3 stars.
  • Some Level 5+  bunkers that have 2+ RPG troops inside will not fire at attackers.


Fixed Issues in 1.9:


  • Donated Heroes do not come out of the communication center during Alliance Wars battles
  • Invisible bunkers should now ALWAYS be visible (finally!)


Fixed Issues in 1.8/1.8.1:


  • (Temporary broken but later fixed) - PvP search not matching correctly (giving too many lower CC bases)
  • Older iOS devices like iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4 (along with some older Android devices) may experience frame rate issues during PvP battles. (We removed some base animations during PvP battles and reduced polygon counts from several structures)
  • Troops can now be dropped by tapping on the outer edges of the map
  • Alliance slots can't be update during Day 1 (Preparation day) and Day 3 (Rewards day) of Alliance Wars
  • Mega Lag when using Ghost gunship and Price chopper mostly fixed (still needs more tweaks for some CC10 bases, see known issues below)


Fixed Issues in 1.7/1.7.1/1.7.2:


  • Replays not showing correctly if a Bunker was destroyed during a battle and had units in it.  The battle report is correct, just the replay is not showing the right way the battle unfolded.
  • Loading time is higher than it should be on first load (if the game isn't running in the background).
  • Heroes and some Units Troop Level will show as 1 in Battle Reports sometimes
  • Searching for bases in PVP or playing survival/Campaign modes will occasionally bring up the Alliance War map (if you are in an on going Alliance War)
  • World map is missing from the campaign mode on iPads and Android devices
  • Support now works correctly (can't support yourself or members not in your alliance)
  • Fixed multiple crashing issues related to new Hangar/Bunker in PvP
    • Visiting (or scouting) other bases sometimes crashes the game on iOS devices
    • PvP battles sometime freeze or crash after 1:30 minutes


Fixed Issues in 1.6:


  • CLAWs and AGRs sometime go over walls in Survival mode
  • Muting anybody in the chat, prevents the player from seeing the "donate troop" and "member joined" chat notifications in the Alliance Chat.
  • (Amazon/Kindle only) - the Kindle home button overlaps the side bar button. A temporary fix is to update to the latest Kindle OS version which will resolve the issue. d
  • Survival mode glitch that allowed to skip waves (rare) fixed.
  • Added security features to lower PvP cheating
  • Banned players will now see the correct message when trying to log to the game (vs. a regular network error code)
  • "Warm Blooded" achievement should now unlock correctly
  • Deployment yards will show the "Full" notification once again
  • Added a "Medium" Resolution option to the Graphic Settings
  • Allow closing of side bar / chat by clicking anywhere in your base


Fixed Issues in 1.5:


  • Reduced the max number of units visible in deployment yards to increase framerate
  • Fixed an issue with the Soaps Care Package
  • Fixed an issue where Survival mode would occasionally crash
  • All leader boards should now load much quicker
  • Fixed an issue with players sometimes unable to connect over 4G/LTE
  • Reduced Alliance Support request timer from 2 hours to 20 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where dog tags, gears, and debris would sometimes disrupts saved based layouts
  • Cleaned up some descriptions for unit/Hero stats
  • Battle report button will now have an "!" when there are unread reports
  • To reduce base clutter, many structure descriptors such as "train", "upgrade", and more have been removed after reaching CC5
  • Revised survival mode to correctly reset progress on a monthly basis
  • Revised survival mode leaderboards to reset monthly and now include rewards for the top players
  • Added ability to Mute individual players within the chat
  • Fixed an issue where chat text would not show up if on iOS 8.2 (Apple devices only)
  • Fixed an issue with League Reward timers occasionally getting stuck
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed some players to win battles automatically
  • Fixed an issue with troop training times stalling after going into Base Edit mode
  • Fixed an exploit that would occasionally allow for lengthened shield timers
  • Added a Forum link in the Help and Support section
  • Added a confirmation message when placing the Engineer unit
  • Fixed an issue where some sounds would could still be heard when sounds were set to OFF
  • Fixed an issue where units within Yuri's battle aura would appear to have full health
  • Fixed an issue with the Alliance troop donation counter


Fixed Issues in 1.4:


  • Resolved an issue where active shields would sometimes not prevent attacks
  • Resolved a couple of issues where replay reports would sometimes not match the replay footage. There may still be some additional edge cases that are not solved.
  • Resolved an issue where replays would sometimes automatically play in fast forward
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed for bypassing Alliance donation request timers if no Hero was donated
  • Resolved issues that would occasionally cause crashes or network errors in Survival Mode
  • Optimized PvP matchmaking algorithm so that players should only rarely be paired with an opponent more than +/- 3 levels of their own CC
  • Resolved an issue where Unit Upgrade timers would occasionally get stuck
  • Decreased the costs to upgrade each individual command center level
  • Decreased the 40mm and 105mm Gunship cannon splash damage for Ghost
  • Resolved an issue where players with over 20K rep would sometimes crash when searching for opponents
  • Resolved an issue where entering "base edit mode" with an 'under construction' building caused bugs
  • Resolved an issue where Workers would remain hidden if entering Base Edit mode while they were removing debris
  • Resolved an issue where AGR's and Juggernauts would occasionally attack other structures besides turrets
  • Resolved an issue where AGRs and CLAWs would sometime go over walls
  • Resolved an issue where Alliance push notifications were causing crashes on Android devices
  • Added a confirmation popup when exiting Gunship with available ammo left and moved the 'Cancel' button to the middle
  • Added a confirmation popup to "Remove All" button in Base Edit Mode
    Removed the red number counter from the Decorations tab in the vault after viewing once
  • Revised the survival mode system to now reset progress and leadberboards on a monthly basis like the rest of the leaderboards
  • (Fixed in 1.4.1) Dragonfires are targetable by ALL turrets if a Hero is deployed anywhere on the battlefield.
  • (Fixed in 1.4.1) Alliance Support does not reach full capacity sometimes for some players.
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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

in reply to beuwolf78

I have a few more items to add to your known issues:

  • Daily reset of survival mode
  • Juggernauts seem to have lost a lost of their strength. They are being killed off far too easily.
  • Heroes sometime ignore commands to move or attack. They will continue to engage a target rather then move or attack another when requested.
  • Finally, the "exploit" that allowed users to continuously send reinforcements was actually a nice feature. It really increased alliance participation. 

It is a good game, and I do like the new update, but you've introduced several new bugs that were worse then the old ones. 

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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

in reply to Xxxthrowdown
I agree, they need fix this app playable again I can't play it again app won't open for me
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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

in reply to Msgamer41



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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

in reply to Xxxthrowdown

So you guys don't list those " looking to fix this in a future release" issues that Windows players have in which they are missing features other players have? 



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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

in reply to Xxxthrowdown

I do agree with xxxthrowdown. Please someone kissanime help to getting out from this hilarious bug. Anyone have solution about Juggernauts seem to have lost a lost of their strength. They are being killed off far too easily?

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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

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I completely agree with xxxthrowdown. I wanna add one more issue. Lasers are shooting down dragons.  we want that alliance support feature back.
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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

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Its much better without alliance support glitch fair for every1.

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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

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According to the above "fixed issues", agrs no longer jump over walls. This bug is still active as it happened to me less than an hour ago.

Howizters and and lasers can now hit airbourne troops, like dragonflies which contradicts the description of both weapons. As they are both ground based weapons dragons should only be attacked by machine guns and Sam turrets.

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Re: List of Known/Fixed Issues

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Allthecommander Activision has already reconized it as an issue they are working on fix.

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