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why didn´t they make an avengers game????


As the title says.

I honestly see no reason. Anybody actually knows why?

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they were working on it

it was canned for that piece of garbaghe fighter they made for the Kinect *eye roll*

this was going to be the game....

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I'm not sure if they decided to cancel the one that was in production so they could make the Kinect game.  I don' t think the two are directly related.  I don't understand why someone didn't just continue the work that THQ already did.

The studio making the first person game closed down (THQ Australia)

After that Ubisoft picked up the license and is now making the Kinect game.

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Disclaimer: I'm not involved with any of these games, nor do I have any insider knowledge. Speculation only!

Generally speaking, it would be pretty hard to just "hand off" most large-scale titles midway through production. Even if the studio has kept extensive documentation and has exhaustive records, you still would need to deconstruct exactly how far along each feature is and how far it'll take to complete it -- furthermore, if the whole studio's been shut down, you'll have to do this without the benefit of any of the people who built the game. Also, depending on the technology the studio used, you may only be able to interact with the game build through custom tools, which also may exist in "sort of done, sort of not" state.

Even on games where everyone's been together for years, exchanges like "Hey, when will this thing work?" "Oh, that changed a week ago... Let's see, this thing does this thing, and there's a weird bug with this other thing that I just fixed..." happen daily. Imagine what that exchange would be like if nobody involved had ever touched the project before or any of its component pieces.

At its heart, game development really comes down to the people making the game. Once an entire team is scattered to the winds, it would be really hard for a new batch of people to just "pick up the pieces."

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Can I just say that it's always cool when NewsLad goes into Developer Mode and gives us insight into how game development actually works?  I knew that it wouldn't make any sense to just try to pass a game from one developer to another and everything, but I didn't exactly know all the details of why that is, so it's always cool to get info about that from someone who has actually been involved in developing games.  Thanks, Lad of News!

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Thanks for the nice insight!  I agree with RS.  I love when NL goes into "explanation mode".

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Thanks guys, glad I could help a bit. Smiley Happy I hadn't thought of it as "Developer Mode" but that kind of fits, and it also sounds like I've got a cheat code in my head. DEVELOPER MODE: ENGAGED! Smiley Very Happy

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Yes,Square Enix are working on a new game coming 18
The release date is unknown,TBA, it's coming out the trailer on YouTube looks AWSOME,
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