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XML3 release date?


When will XML3 be published? I'm waiting for ages now! please tell me XML3 release date... I'm so tired for waiting i already played XML2 over and over again hoping XML3 will be publish any months now... Please just tell me when is XML3 release date (i'm repeating the words lol) i need some answers. thx Smiley Happy

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Sorry to say, but I don't think there's going to be an X-Men Legends 3. There will be future X-Men games though. Are you excited for Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4? Smiley Happy

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The truth would hurt,because "Activision's",There "License/Terms Of Service" has come to an end,that means "Activision" has to burry the hatchet/ties with marvel,All digital products will eventually get removed from the store of PSN and XBL.I find it quiet sad,All/Everything will be gone/terminated due to there Services(TOC/Agreement),Expired,At a limited time.So in that case.No,There's not going to be another "Marvel",Title from "Activision".
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