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What Kind Of Spider-Man Game Would YOU Want To See In The Future??


I would really like to see a free roam Spider-Man game based on the 90's Spider-Man series, the best thing about this is that Beenox has already had Christopher Daniel Barnes for Shattered Dimensions & now Edge of Time, now bring him back as the main Spider-Man with freeroam, have him look the same way he did in the 90's series (much like Arkham City where you can get the 90's animated Batman skin), all Beenox would have to do is just get the engine from the Web of Shadows game (lots of free roam web-swinging) and you've got a Spider-Man game as big (if not bigger) than Batman's Arkham City, this game would be the #1 All-Time Greatest Spider-Man game...'Nuff Said.

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Maybe a mission based game focused on the "new" Flash Thompson Venom, or a mission based game guest staring the "new" Venom

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I kind of what to see a more realistic game, I see too many with Comic book graphics. I think it would be cool to see how the characters would look in real life, without the gayness of the games based of the movie. That costume was gay. I want to see the true Red and Blues. I want to see one, like a blend between the Batman and Assassin's Creed games. Spidey is primed for stealth combat and aggressive combat. I want to see both. I also want a decent story, Spidey games usually have these. I want to fight the original characters though, Web of shadows has a twisted venom, edge of time has a different venom, etc. I want to fight the Eddie Brock Original, with the original look. Then make it a bonus costume for beating the game or something. Venom is BA and I wouldn't mind playing as him. Ultimate Spider-man Game sucked.

I would also like to see a game where the costumes you wear matter, the black suit gives you special enhanced abilities, the original gives you an exellerated XP gain, there is a spidey costume that allows him to dissapear, etc.

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I like the idea of a Spider-man Noir game. He was such an awesome character to play in shattered dimensions I love the more dark and brutal spidey he was and would like to see a game focused on him like.

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I think Spidey Noir should have his own game. But not exactly like Batman: Arkham Asylem or City. I think it should be something totally unique but still with stealth type elements in it.

If that didn't work out I would like a Spider-Man working with Anti-Venom game. And make it CO-OP. I know a lot of people say co-op would be a bad idea but I think it would be cool.

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A 2099 free roam tops my list or make a game with 6 spideys with the amazing as the leader(like the 90's cartoon) and have them battle the sinister 6 plus spider-carnage. Make it so that it's all in one apocalyptic open-world and have a base of operations where you could choose which spidey you want to swing around the city as. Start with missions that can only be played with a specific version and then open it up to the player. Each spidey has individual EXP so they don't share a pool of it. at the last mission award the players who took the time to upgrade every spidey by sending all of them to the final boss and when one dies he dies in the story. Make the different spideys unique with the powers they have and you have one awesome Spider Man game.

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Registered: ‎15-03-2012 seems so simple to me...yet it's never been done:

1 - Open world based

2 - Cast of 15 Spider-Man super villians

3 - Multiple suit options

C'mon...I barely need a story. I just wanna fight the baddies...

You want a story? How about the Sinister Six goes on a recruiting spree and tries to triple it's size?

A Spider-Man game without a good story? Let's see....Now that will. Just. SUCKS!

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I would love to see a game featuring a crossover of Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Girl. I know it's been done in comics but it I would love to see it in a game. Personally I like these games Beenox have been coming out with because they are reminescent of the old Spider-Man games for PS1. I admit I'd like free roam but this isn't so bad either. They are probably saving the free roam for the new movie coming out next year.

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i might like a futuristic open world game probably about an alternate spider man universe (it can be made up) about a spider man who is serious and had bad experiences in life and he faces villains like chamelon or the vulture but he faces the venom symbiote which is a sybiotic alien virus which gives spider man new abilities but it is not a apocalyptic outbreak but hydroman starts to cause chaos and he faces him on the water and underwater and he start to face himself but the venom symbiote could go to chameleon and copy his powers and go to spider man and a few weeks venom starts to become more and more dangerous. spider man fight it off and venom could go to eddie brock and consume him to become more powerful and it shapeshifts into a spider man and each of them fight

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if you don't like the previous idea then it could be set in a alternate univere which is in the same time but has more advanced technology like touchable holograms and flying cars (although it is not about the 2099 universe). it could be called shadow spider man (its why i chose the username) and instead of chemically artifacial webshooters, there could be holographic webs and he could wear the costume by using nanotech (like in spider man unlimited) and have a webglider which assembles when flying or freefalling and disappears in command and his orgin story could be he fell into a machine that could rewrite his gentic and nolecular sturcture with spider and alien DNA (it was a top sectret military experiment which is similar to captain america but it accidently in a museum) when the alien and spider DNA drained to rewrite DNA in his body and since he is a genius and his brain and body is affected by alien and spider DNA causing him to become superhuman and superintelligent caused him to invent nanobots and holographic webs in a holoweb shooter. this game shows how he stuggles to become a superhero and he improves his nanosuit to shapeshift to look like him (like in the ending of crysis 3) so he doesn't have to command to open the watch and suit up and created a new function in the suit called suit adaption where he can breathe infinitely in space or the gloves and boots could change slighly to cope and run in different angles, walls and conditions so he could even adapt in harsh conditions in shapeshifting form and he starts to face electro

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