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What Kind Of Spider-Man Game Would YOU Want To See In The Future??



Okay, I've listened to people complain

about the supposive "bad" Spider-Man games out there, saying their "killing the franchise"

so, I'm gonna be open minded and ask the BIG question: what Spidey game would YOU want to play??

personally, I want Beenox to make a Spider-Man Noir centered game.

you know, mix Spider-Man in with the "Arkham" games that Rocksteady have made (a 1602 game ALSO sounds fun)

on the other hand, I'd like to see a Spider-Man 2099 game that (just this once) has Free-Roam in it.

heck, I'd jump at the chance to play a VENOM centered Videogame, as well.

so, tell me...what are YOUR ideas??

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Nothing in particular, I'd take any kind of Spider-Man game.

Optimus_prime12 Level 75
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^ Don't we all? Smiley Tongue

personally, I want Beenox to make a Spider-Man Noir centered game.

you know, mix Spider-Man in with the "Arkham" games that Rocksteady have made (a 1602 game ALSO sounds fun)

I don't think it's good idea at these times. If they done such thing, it would be highly critisized as a "cheap knock off of Arkham Aslyum" and give Beenox a bad name.

Well now that they introduced Spidey 2099 to game world, there could be a game centers around ONLY him. And it would be a cool addition of we can free roam in the future New York City. Smiley Wink They also have abblitly to create

future version of present villains and characters, (Like Dr.Octupus from SD) and they can forcus thier mind on improving his combat system. (Instead of 2/4 spideys)

I would also love to see a Symbiote Black Suit of Spidey 2099.

And the abbility to make choices again. I loved that feature in Web of Shadows.

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Id like an Activision/Raven Ultimate Alliance/X-Men Legends tipe Spider-Man game, where you can talk to everyone from the world of Spider-man and have difforent costumes and go to your house and everything. But im pretty excited to see what Beenox has in store for the new Spider-man movie game!!!

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A game like Shattered Dimension, only set in the 616 universe with Spider-Man, Flash Venom, Anti-Venom and maybe that new Scarlett Spider or Spider Woman playable. And more crossovers between those stories.

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I would like to see an open world game where you play as green goblin going up against spider-man and other heroes and villains

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Registered: ‎11-02-2009 seems so simple to me...yet it's never been done:

1 - Open world based

2 - Cast of 15 Spider-Man super villians

3 - Multiple suit options

C'mon...I barely need a story. I just wanna fight the baddies...

You want a story? How about the Sinister Six goes on a recruiting spree and tries to triple it's size?

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Ghost Rider game or spider man unlimeted without stupid animals

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That venom game doesn't sound so bad, neither does the playable green goblin idea. How about an electro or scorpion game where you tangle with multiple villains and their armies and fight spiderman as well

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^ Sorry but I don't think small villains such as Electro should have thier own game. Becuase they are only famous with Spidey fans and not much people know about them and there's a good chance that game won't sell that much. If there's game with villains as playable characters it should always have Spidey on front.

Now a Venom game is a different story. Lots of people (Spider-fan or not) knows about him and many want a game featuring him. Now THAT's a good idea.

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