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Thor 2 Movie discussion


I really hope they do the real mandarin and he rips Kingsley to shreds for having the audacity to imitate him. Maybe they can do that in IM4 with a new guy playing Tony Stark since RDJ won't be doing anymore IM movies, but who knows he might change his mind.

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Now the pressure is on, Jad!   Even Rogue has seen it, haha.

It's great to see everyone enjoying the movie!  Where do you guys rank it among Marvel movies?

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Thanks for keeping all your thoughts spoiler free, guys!  I am not sure when I'll be able to see it yet (this weekend isn't looking great either! ) but I will eventually!  I don't mind if you guys get into more detail in your discussions if you're tired of waiting for me....just be sure to mark them with plenty of warning.

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Don't wait too long!  Ya don't wanna miss out on it being in theaters, the action is amazing on the big screen.

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I'm not sure where I rank the movie yet.  It's not Avengers or Cap 1 level, but it's better than Iron Man 2 and Hulk. It's somewhere in there with Iron Man 1 and 3, and the first Thor movie.  I kinda think the first Thor has the edge on it by a little bit, since it's the classic setup for a Thor movie with Thor overcoming his arrogance, Loki as an awesome villain, and all that. 

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