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Deadpool is famous for witty banter and funny lines. However, we should not forget that this is a game first and foremost. If Deadpool does not have enough unique lines, it will become VERY annoying VERY quickly and the 'comedy' will have died. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Deadpool's "Pineapple Surprise!!" or "Bang. Bangbangbangbang bang!!!" are funny at first, but after you do the combo enough times, you just hear it. It's not something that a non-fanboy is going to continue to smirk at. Along with unique lines, we need solid, actual, story.

Least we not forget the actual character. The humor comes from the fact that Wade Wilson is insane. There a lot of people who say they are fans, but only first heard of him about the time of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Or from some of the games. The character has a very long, sad, and deep history that go beyond his antics. It would not feel like a true Deadpool experience if the devs only focus on his more "Over The Top" antics. The serious emphasizes the silly. A solid narrative, and other characters "playing it straight" make the outrageousness of Deadpool unique to him. See, it's not his world that's absurd, it should just be him.


My deepest concern is that the devs are playing with the "Deadpool is making his own game" concept too much. Sex, guns, and violent murder do not a Deadpool story make. Like the above photo, we have to keep in mind that the 'real world' is still very much where Deadpool resides. The devs would do well to remember the fans who have stuck with the character since his first appearance, not just the people ready to jump on the bandwagon of "Deadpool is silly, crazy, fun."

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So the game essentially has no [real] story, and the gameplay is ultra generic. IGN closes the review with the game receiving a 6 out of 10. I considered that this was just one website so I went to Metacritic. They evaluate an overall median score based off a sum of various other critics and sites. Game Informer, Games Radar, etc..

Metacritic gave it a 66 out of 100, citing "mixed to positive" reviews.

I've read at least 10 website reviews from Kotaku to venturebeat and everything inbetween, and the overal consensus is that the game is a fun romp as Deadpool, but an incredibly AVERAGE beat'em up with absolutely no replay value and horrible boss fights. I've read that the game can be 100% completed in under 10 hours. So, I've gone online to watch gameplay, and it's confirmed everything that I've read.

My point is that I was worried that the developers put too much into getting "Deadpool" right, or at least having too much fun with the character to make a solid game and it seems, unfortunately, they have. It seems this game is definitely not a buy, but a rent or "play at a friend's house".

I'd say there is a saving grace in the possibility of DLC, but I think gamers have become too comfotable with that. A studio should make a good game from launch. DLC is supposed to be extra, not the rest of the game.

I'm not buying this, and I hope that many of you don't waste your cash on something just because Marvel says it's okay to put Deadpool's name on it.

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I got it for $22 and even that felt like I paid too much. There is really nothing to the game. It's 5 hours of nonsense, with no real story, bland level design, mediocre gameplay and a Deadpool with literally no layers. He does stupid stuff 24/7 and has been reduced to nothing more than a Looney Toon character. It's Daniel Way's Deadpool through and through. Oh, and it's pretty much an X-Men game, 80% of the game. There is literally no incentive to re-play the game. The only incentive you might have had, are the costumes you can unlock in the challenge maps. But someone had the bright idea to not make them usable in the campaign.

I only shake my head when people who enjoy the game say that High Moon totally gets the character or that it's a must buy for any Deadpool fan. Well, I'm a Deadpool Fan and I couldn't be more disappointed. It reeks of lazy game design, that solely relies on its popular main character to sell.

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It's December, and the gaming world at large does not even discuss this game anymore. I remember that when Spider-Man 2, the movie-based game was released, by the six month point,  people were still suggesting that it was one of the best Spider-Man games ever and still relevant. It was not out during a time of DLC, so the game had to endure with even less opportunity than Deadpool did.

My point is that, I'm noticing a trend here. The trend is getting amazing opportunity and then dropping the ball. The Deadpool game should have played more like Saints Row: The Third, but instead played like Duke Nukem Forever. Saints Row 3 could get away with insane and zaney things, because at the core, it was built on solid gameplay. Gameplay that people appreciate even after the 4th game was released. (Saints Row 4 was glorified DLC, and that's not an insult to Deep Silver, the original idea was to make it DLC, but instead they made a full game out of it)

I want to wave my Activision banner and be proud to be a fan. However, you guys have to start thinking like fans. We want infinite replay value, TONS of costumes, we want to be able to do fun non-plot related things in-game. Not just Challenge Map rooms for leaderboards, we want to fight a bunch of guys in the game. And not just for filler, but on our terms.

That's any character.

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