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The Official Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Megathread [Last Updated: November 10, 2010 - News on PC Version!]


The PC version is almost unresponsive with 360 controller. Damn!

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I have the same unresponsive controls on my pc copy of shattered dimensions. The joystick on the xbox controller works but the keyboard and buttons on the controller do not respond to button presses. Also task manager will not operate on this game to shut down.

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I use a 360 controller on my pc & it works flawless. Also, there is no frame cap. I run it at a solid 60fps with v-sync on.

Also, I have no problems alt-tabbing out & using task manager while running this game on Windows 7

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Hmm.. i seem to have an issue, and so do a lot of people.

The game crashes as soon as i battle the PEP soldiers in the tutorial section (yes i have the retail version)

Also it only crashes if i ATTACK the enemy. If i run around, the game still runs fine

Some say to update the nvidia drivers (however the current version of my drivers 186.18 does not give me any TDR errors).

Maybe it needs a patch? not too sure.

100% sure its not my sepcs.

Phenom II X4 940 OC @ 3.4

Gtx 260 OC'd by 35%

8GB DDR2 Ram

i know the issue is not due to my OC whatsoever, so any help will be appreciated.

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Hi everyone, welcome to the forums. (Make sure to read the forum rules and guidelines.)

I personaly have not bought the PC version yet. All I can suggest is maybe taking it to Walmart and explaining what the issue is. Also, check the system requirements and if possible, upgrade to the recomended amount on everything. And you might want to purchase a wired 360 controller if you use a wireless. That, or get a PC controller used specifiaclly for the games. That is all I can say to help until I get the game. (All PC games I get run on my laptop.)

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So i did update my drivers to the latest which seemed to fix the crash issue. However TDR errors persisted again, so i reverted back... As suspected the game crashes once more. Really hoping for a patch!

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how it's possible that a game costing 60$ and made by "professionals" its unplayable for 70% of pc gamers that have bought it? it's not a exageration,tons of people have the keyboard lag problem,wich makes the game 100% unplayable.It's not a prblem of drivers or a problem of requirements.It's a problem of bad developing...Anyway,what really makes me angry is that after two weeks of buying the game for my pc,there isn't any fix.Well in fact,many people have complained but nobody had answered.

I'll be waiting for a patch in the next few days,as well as the 14.000.000 of people who paid for a game and still cant play it

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