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The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie!


Lots of great news that is for sure.

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That scene with the hammer was pretty awesome.  Clint really felt way more like EMH Clint than Avengers Movie Clint, and it just looked like a fun scene with the whole team together, in general. 

But all that news is pretty crazy.  I kinda ranted a bit on the other thread about it, but this really looks like Marvel's got some awesome stuff planned through 2019 here.  I'm already wondering how they're gonna top crazy stuff like Civil War, The Infinity Gauntlet, and Ragnarok!

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Yeah, Clint definitely has the feeling of the EMH version, which is very awesome in my book!  The twirling chopstick feels like this fun bit of casual cockiness, his dialogue calling the hammer a trick feels like Clint giving Thor grief, I like him sitting on the back of the couch in some shots, and if you watch real close when Thor tells them they aren't worthy Clint sticks his tongue out at him, haha.  In that thirty seconds he shows more personality than all his previous appearances combined, so it's definitely leaving me pretty optimistic!

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