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Questions concerning MUA and X-MEN Legends missing web content



Hello, dear Activision / Marvel videogames community! I have few new questions:


1. Does anybody have any info concerning MUA VIP sections media like images and videos / other staff, or have these files?


2. What characters had official site Full - Body renders (Main, Enemies, NPC)? Does DLC Characters (Venom, Magneto, Hawkeye, Cyclops, Hulk, Dr.Doom, Sabretooth and Nightcrawler) had their own renders also? I mean those, which were on banners. Like below:

Image 30.jpgImage 34.jpgImage 38.jpg


3. Does someone have the official downloadable content, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legens site kits, 3d screenshots, MUA & XML icons, Desktops, Marvel Ultimate Alliance screensavers (so - called "Living" for the 1st game) original and from VIP?


4. What Fan art images for MUA 1 section were published?


5. Does anybody have the official wallpapers from MUA 1 website? Bosses like Attuma, Grey Gargoyle or DLC chars (Cyclops and Hawkeye) with MUA logo only and size 1280x1024

Examples (images sizes are not original and for preview only):



6. What was the original size of the HQ characters assets for the MUA1 Team Builder in comparison with 1600x1200 backgrounds? Does anybody have this staff???

Examples (images sizes are not original and for preview only):

Image 35.pngImage 38.pngImage 59.png


7. Does anybody have MUA2 profiles from main website?


8. Does anybody have some original sized and without watermarks materials from XML's Mutant Vaults? Renders, Concepts other art?

Examples (images sizes are not original and for preview only):

Cyclops design.jpgice_man.jpgMagma01.jpgcharacter Nightcrawler.jpg5501_Ult_Sentinel_01.jpgSewers02 (640px × 480px).jpgSewers03 (640px × 480px).jpg


Also I'm looking for every original screenshot and photos from E3 / other Expos, which were published on MUA / XML websites.


I kindly ask You for help, all these materials are part of games history and hard / impossible to find nowadays.


Thanks in advance for Your reply!!! It is really necessary!!!


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In addition to above mentioned, I have few more questions:

1. Does anybody know, what does Magneto's and Storm's Power Profiles flash files from X-MEN Legends II site looked like?

2. Does anybody have any info or materials concerning MUA2 Civil War Online media?


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