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As it stands, officially, what is the word on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3? Or even a brand new Brawler/RPG game based on the same MUA/XML system. Maybe a "Spider-Man" based game using the same system? Fantastic Four?

It would be nice to know what the company is allowed to do or what is even being considered. I know they can't spill the beans, so to speak, and tell us everything. They -can- tell us if we should keep hope alive for something that is likely to happen, rather than to wait around for a dead project.

It's like if someone was still waiting on a Marvel: Nemesis sequel.

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People have asked about MUA3 at comic cons the last few years and unfortunately Marvel have been saying they currently don't have any plans for it.  They just point folks at Marvel Heroes, but it's PC only right now.

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