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Mission 2- Get it here


Lol dude youre gonna end up fooling half the community.

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I'll think it through a bit more the next time i decide to do something dumb. Maybe they could just add a "Don't let idiots post silly topics in the Missions and Achievements' section feature".

Ahem. So yeah anyway, to Drtrufle or whoever has to shut this down for me- I'm sorry and yes, i'm a tit Smiley Happy

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Tit. Heheheh...

Please post something again to fool me. I was so bored this afternoon, and you just gave me a whole topic for the day.

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hmmm, a joke thread eh...gonna have to keep my eye on you....wheres my newspaper..

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Wow, seriously where is this mythical Mission. I have been waiting all day.

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Haha, they need to. Otherwise, you might become Pulbic Enemy #1 on the board for this joke.

*leads out guns blazin and mob followin* -*die heathen* *jk* shhh

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Alright so can someone explain this whole missions deal, i read the summary on the missions page and was king of confused. Are we thinking of ideas for the game or for the site or what. Some help would be appreciated.

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never mind, i just looked at the thread for missions. I'm just lazy

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Made you look matt Smiley Very Happy hehe. Sorry man i couldn't resist.

hahah you even had me fooled. I was like "What the...."

Closing thread but very funny. Writes down you name into my little forum booklet Smiley Tongue

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