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Meet Raven and Vicarious Visions at NYCC


This NYCC panel info was spotted by Marvel Man in another thread.

here's the text

MARVEL & ACTIVISION: Evolution of Marvel Comic Book Characters in Video Games

Join the team of video game developers who brought to fans the most quintessential collection of Marvel comic book video games of all-time -- X-Men Legends, X-Men Legends II, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Marvel, Raven Software, and Vicarious Visions will give fans a chance to engage with animators, writers and producers of the next generation of Marvel comic book video games for 2009 and the comic book legends that inspired them -- X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Get an exclusive sneak peak of the video game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which has already begun to generate buzz among the gaming community and is being touted as "Marvel's most popular mutant reinvented" (EGM, January 2009 cover story). Also, discover more about the next chapter in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series with developers from Vicarious Visions who are taking fans to the next level in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Sunday 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM : 1A24

Sounds interesting. I wish I could go but I'll be in LA & NY in March so I can't complain.

I hope they have booth babes too.

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I wish I was able to go too. I'd love to see that, and also the Babylon 5 one. Well, there is bound to be lots of info released online to go with it, or sometime in that relative timeframe.

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drtruffle,what do you think about MUA2 overall from what you've seen?Also,do you like Web of Shadows?

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