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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC: Will it ever be a thing again?


Today I finally managed to track down a (second-hand) copy of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 on Xbox 360, a game I have been searching high and low for for the better part of 6 years now.

The problem, as you may have guessed, is that the DLC (which includes some favourite characters of myself and my girlfriend/co-op partner) has been unavailable for quite some time now.

I'm not going to demand that you release the DLC now (There's probably a major rights issue at this point, so... Y'know, I'm going to be realistic here).

My question, basically, is whether it would ever be feasible for the DLC to see another release in the future. Or, failing this, if it would be possible for a "gold edition" of the game to see a release at any point in the future. I would be fully willing to buy the game in a non-second-hand manner if this were an option (especially if it were to be released on PC/Steam).


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I just bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 pre used in europe there is no gold or essentials edition I would love for Activision to give the DLC free in a patch because they dont have the right to sell it anymore. Now I cant achieve 100% complete on trophies because the DLC is lacking I would love to be able to complete and enjoy this game fully.

Cry out for support.

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With MUA2 now being available on PS4 and XBOX One with the DLC included, is there any chance the DLC could once again be made available for PS3 & 360 users (worldwide as I'm in Australia)?

I think I speak for all five of us still playing this on PS3 when I plead for this. I'm still bummed that I just missed out on being able to play as Psylocke, Cable and Magneto when I bought this game all those years ago.




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in reply to UCD_279801398907rmUtmCeVgKBLIyRhPGvL

Unless you bought the teaser pack,witch allowed ppl that didn't own the DLC to play with ppl/randomers who bought the DLC.Unforrtantly from the web sources I've read that on PSN & XBL "Activision's" Licences are expiring,thus meaning the DLC/Digital game is going to get axed/removed from both stores until then all hopes lost.

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