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If you could be a superhero who would you be. And what side would you be on


Gambit, Hulk, Thor, Venom. Can't be beat.

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I used Storm, Juggs, Jean, and Spiderman. And I basically beat the whole thing with Storm

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1. Which unlockable characters will break the story if you use them from the beginning of the game using the all characters cheat codes? (Please list all who break story then)

2. Can you save and switch team anywhere or are they extraction points again?

3. Are there items you can find in the game maps? (like in first game: simulator disks, concept art, etc)

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Gambit, Hulk, Thor, Venom. Can't be beat.

yea i often end up back at Hulk, thor, venom for some reason...

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Wait the mods don't know who steel spider is? He was in the freaking civil war for crying out loud. Venom ate his arm. Also Vulcan would be cool for a secret character in a x-men game but not here...

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extraction points and the only c unlock will stop saving

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The only collectibles are the focus, striking, etc. upgrades. Bonus missions are unlocked each act.

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Venom and I'd be pro-registration just so I could have the fun of hunting down other heroes.

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Black Panther. And i would be Pro.

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Human Torch - Pro

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